From here, you can simply hover your mouse over any images that you want to find out more about and you’ll see an option to ‘like’, to ‘pin’ or to send. If you click the image itself, it will become full screen and you’ll see the board it came from along the right, as well as more pins from the website that it was found on.
Underneath, you also have the option to add your own comment, which may be a response to the comment that’s already there and to browse other related pins. That’s already a lot to take on board (no pun intended)! As you can see, Pinterest has a little more of a steep learning curve as compared with other similar social media sites.

If you want to find pins of a particular subject matter, then your best bet is to head to the ‘search’ bar at the top left of the homepage. In here, you can now search for whatever it is you’re trying to find. There are a lot of pins on here, so don’t be afraid to type something specific. You can also click the option on the right in order to see a list of popular tags and categories which will help to filter the items you’re seeing.


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