Turkey: Turkish breakfasts can include: tea, coffee, bread, softened butter and honey, su bregi (noodle pastry filled with soft white cheese and parsley,) boiled eggs, black olives, cucumbers, and tomatoes.

Israel: Western breakfasts are popular as well as yogurt, herring, cucumbers, tomatoes, and fruits.

France: Coffee with milk, espresso, hot chocolate with tartines, slices of baguette with jam, black bread; scrambled eggs with mushrooms and tomatoes.

Netherlands: Poached eggs with ham placed on toast with cheese or bread and butter.

Germany: Bread rolls or toast with butter, honey, or jam, ham or sausage, soft boiled eggs, and coffee.

Switzerland: Sliced meats, cheese, yogurt, prepared fruit, butter, croissants, and breads and rolls.

Greece: Bread, cheese, fruit, and coffee


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